Illnesses, Injuries, & Emergencies

In a perfect world, we would only see your pet to tell you how healthy and happy he is and what a wonderful job you are doing and how you shouldn’t change a single thing.  But dogs sometimes eat things they aren’t supposed to, and sometimes cats fall from high places.  When your pet is itchy, limping, having diarrhea or vomiting we are happy to help there too. We will always make time to see your sick pet and we see emergencies during normal business hours, but please call ahead.

If you have an emergency after hours call: 
Animal Emergency Clinic on Warren Ave in Portland at 207-878-3121 

Maine Veterinary Referral Center in Scarborough at 207-885-1290

When should you call?
It is always better to call and be safe than not call and be sorry.  Call if your pet is showing any of the following symptoms: