Wellness & Preventative Care

Health & Wellness Exam

We believe that every pet should have an annual physical exam. Exams are usually done at the same time as vaccinations.  We perform a nose to tail exam, listen to heart and lungs, examine the eyes, and check the teeth.  We want to catch small problems before they become major.


Our veterinarians make their preventative care recommendations based on the guidelines established by the American Veterinary Medical Association and American Animal Hospital Association. We then discuss with you our recommendations based on your pet’s age, medical history and lifestyle.

We believe in risk based vaccinations, which means we only want to vaccinate when there is a reasonable risk that your pet might need protection from a particular disease.  We do not believe in giving vaccines that are not necessary to your situation because we are conscious that over vaccinating can be a problem.   With the exception of the Rabies vaccine, we will discuss the benefits and risks of a vaccine with you before we ever stick a needle in your pet.

Parasite Control

We strongly believe in preventing parasites as a way of protecting your pets and your family from disease. We offer a great selection of flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives and we will be happy to help choose the best one for your pet and your lifestyle.

Lab Work

Sometimes physical exams don’t tell us everything we need to know about an animal’s condition and we need to see what is going on inside to make a diagnosis or detect a problem. Lab work can be expensive, but often well worth the investment in knowing how to proceed with a treatment or in diagnosing a condition. We can perform many diagnostics right in the hospital such as fecal exams, urinalysis, and blood work; and certain tests we send to labs.  If we feel that running a test on your pet would be important, we will discuss it with you. It will always be your decision on how we proceed.